Rocket Piano Review

by admin on February 14, 2012

‘Rocket Piano lessons’ has been designed by team of experienced musicians and music teachers. They help the learners to learn how to read music, improvise and play like a professional. Rocket Piano is the easiest way to learn how to play piano.

Who will get benefited from this piano lesson course?

This course is designed for beginners to advanced players. The Rocket Piano lessons are designed for both electric keyboards and acoustic pianos.

What you can learn from Rocket piano learning lessons?

  • Details about Mechanics and history of Piano: The guide comprises of information about Piano, such as how it came into existence, how the instrument produces the sound when you play the instrument. This information is useful for the beginners to understand about the instrument.
  • Positioning yourself at piano: After learning about the instrument the next step is to know about how you are supposed to sit at the piano, how to place your fingers and in which direction you need to face. For beginners usually it it is difficult to know the right position and how the fingers should be placed on keys. But now you have a helping hand in the name of this Rocket Piano guide.
  • Start the Practice: After understanding the basics, it’s time to practice the exercises. The exercises taught in the beginning are easy and by viewing the videos you can make out whether you are doing it correctly or not.


  • Rocket piano materials containing instructions is the best package and include 165 pages eBook for beginners, 65 for intermediate stage and 59 for advanced stages. This includes introduction to Jazz, Gospel Piano, Fingering Techniques and advanced techniques.
  • One of the amazing features is the best jam tracks that are arranged professionally to improve your piano skills during learning sessions; you can also perform along with the band which includes different song versions.
  • The Rocket piano software helps you to enhance and develop your musical ability.
  • Three exclusive learning games included in the software are –
  1. Chordinator – Helps you learn piano chords through different lessons given by the musical staff.
  2. Perfect your Pitch Trainer Pro – This software helps you to train and enhance your musical ear.
  3. Jayde Musical Pro – Illustrates with examples on how to learn to translate music efficiently to the piano.
  4. Rocket Piano Metronome – Gives you training on improving your timing with the piano.
  5. Keycelerator – This software is available only in Rocket piano learning course and helps you to recognize the musical chords while listening to the music.
  • Support – The software provides you with online support. You can simply send them email or go through FAQ section.
  • Easy to use – You can start your learning lessons within couple of minutes and the download entirely depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Quizzes – Piano quizzes are included all through the eBook so that you can check how much you have learned so far. You can check for the answers to know your score.
  • Reasonable Price- You can get this software at reasonable price and you can develop your piano skills at a price that you can afford to buy.

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