Illusion Mage

by admin on February 14, 2012

There are many people who love 3D animations that they see in games and movies, and would love to recreate some of them in their own creations. There is now hope for such enthusiasts who can start their creations with the Illusion Mage software. Of course, any comprehensive software which can help you create graphics and animation of the professional level will not come free but if you check out the great features and tools that the software is equipped with, then you will be happy of the reasonable price that you pay for it.

Nowadays there are cutting edge animations being produced out of the animation studios such as Pixar and Walt Disney besides the countless other studios all over the world. What if you could get your hands on similar software which will provide you with the same level of professional effects? That is what Illusion Mage promises and much more. You can check out the pros and cons of this software package to make up your mind about it.

The advantages of the software

  • The Illusion Mage is a software that will help you learn and use 3D level animation. It is a software that is easy to use and even if you do not have experience with animation software, there are many comprehensive tutorials and videos provided to help one understand the varied terminologies as well as processes which one needs to go through in developing an animation successfully.
  • The software runs well and has speed when it comes to procuring modeling projects in a simpler and easier way.
  • It offers many types of shortcuts which make it easy for one to make animation modeling projects faster.
  • Even if you are working with a two dimensional screen, you can still move the different 3D objects by looking at them from different angles. This is a unique advantage of this software.
  • There are certain shortcut buttons that are included in the software instructions. You can use them to learn to use in the course of using the software. Once you can use the mouse and the keypad as the software teaches you to, you will be working on animations much faster.
  • The different aspects of the 3D models are arranged in the form of data blocks and the users can build on these blocks into more complex components. This helps one to work on the 3D animation system much easier than it normally is.
  • For those who are not experienced in 3D animation, this software helps them to build without having to get into more complex processes of animation production.


There are no glaring disadvantages or limitations of the software. However, many complain that the tutorial videos take a long time to download but the animation modeling process is fast enough and that is what matters.

Thus, if you are looking for a 3D animation software and even if you are a newbie, Illusion Mage can be a good helpf for you to produce videos of startling professional quality.

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