Ex Recovery System Review

by admin on February 14, 2012

The name might sound as if it is some computer software, but it is in fact a relationship guide that is available online as well as offline particularly helpful for those who are interested in getting their ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back. The name might sound too official for something that deals with relationships but this is a guide to take seriously if you are facing a difficult breakup situation that you want to undo and get back together with your ex.

There are many reviews on the net which prove that this is a comprehensive guide for both men and women who are desperately in need of help in getting back their ex boyfriend or girlfriend. The guide comes in the form of an e-book and it guarantees that one will get their ex back in 30 days. The Ex Recovery System as written by Ashley Kay covers comprehensive steps as to how an individual can work towards getting back together. The guide has two parts; one part deals with men and the other with women since the psyche of both genders differ. The varied techniques and approaches as discussed by her are summarized below.

Understanding and Analysis stage

This stage consists of a 4 steps through which the system prepares you to get into a mindset of being in control of your emotions, by analyzing your perspective of the breakup clearly and realizing what you have in your mind.

  • Step one: You will know where to go from the breakup and being emotionally ready. It includes the techniques that help you being in complete control such as the emotional buster quiz
  • Step two: Here you will understand what went wrong and understanding the soul of the relationship. The guide explains the reasons that men leave a relationship such as sex or intimacy reasons, reasons of security and so forth or why women leave, as part of a separate ex recovery guide for men.
  • Step three: There are also exercises to go through to understand why one’s ex has left and to delve into the psychology of both partners due to which a breakup occurred.
  • Step four: This stage helps one to understand whether the breakup was inevitable or was a mistake and accordingly helps one to be prepared for getting back or growing apart.

Planning to get back stage

When you are certain that you want to have your ex boyfriend or girl friend back, then there is a proven system placed in this guide by which you can get your ex back.

  • Step one: Plan when you are ready for contact. Giving a one month’s time to get back together
  • Step two: Within this phase you will need to understand whether to use the direct or indirect method of contact.
  • Step three: To understand whether the ex person still has feelings for you and if there is another person in your ex’s life, how to deal with that person’s presence.
  • Step four: In case of success, the guide also helps you to lay down the ground rules of commitment and how to move on after the relationship has been put together again.

There are many other useful features in the Ex Recovery System such as a map which shows the stages of emotions to go through when you have a a breakup, the interactive journal to help start the healing process as well as a three-in-one bonus of various examples and templates on how to get in touch with your ex with letters or calls.

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